Matthew J. Heos

Matthew J. Heos

Matthew J. Heos is a Super Lawyers Rising Star and a tough litigator with a wide range of knowledge from criminal law to personal injury and municipal law/litigation. Matthew was born and raised in East Lansing, Michigan. He graduated from East Lansing High School then Michigan State University. Matthew began a career in finance but realized that, just like his father and sister, the practice of law and pursuit of justice was his passion.

In law school, Matthew focused his legal education on environmental law. Matthew graduated from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in January 2010 and then started practicing that May after passing the Bar Exam. Matthew developed a reputation in matters ranging from criminal defense and medical marijuana cases, to dog-bite, medical malpractice, automobile negligence, No Fault, and premises liability cases.

Matthew’s practice expanded to include matters involving the Michigan Drain Code and worked on several county drain projects from petition to assessment. Matthew has litigated drain matters and private flooding cases.  Super Lawyer’s Magazine has named Matthew as a Rising Stars for personal injury litigation from 2014 – 2019 and for his work on county drain projects and related litigation.

Matthew joined his father, James Heos, at the Nichols Law Firm in July 2017. Together, they bring over 55 years of combined litigation experience in the areas of negligence, premises liability, automobile negligence and No Fault, and medical malpractice. Matthew brings wide ranging experience and skills and marries them with litigation in drunk and drugged driving crimes. 

Matthew is a member of the Ingham County Bar Association, as well as the Environmental Law, Negligence Law, and Marijuana Law Sections of the State Bar of Michigan.  Matthew is admitted to practice in all Michigan courts at the state and federal levels, and the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

For an experienced lawyer, who is committed to results, contact Matthew today at 517 432 9000 or to discuss your rights.

Notable Cases

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working on hundreds of cases helping clients achieve their goals. Some cases stand out in my mind:

Manuel v Tri-County Metro, Gill et al 481 Mich 637 (2008) Ingham County Circuit Court

People v Reynolds 12-281-FH Ingham County Circuit Court

Behrens v Jomar, Inc. et al 12-968-NI Eaton County Circuit Court

Behrens v Frankenmuth 12-774-NF Ingham County Circuit Court

In re Groesbeck Park Drain 13-732-AS, 13-506-AS, 13-388-CE Ingham County Circuit Court

Holiday Park Realty v Pawlowski Creek Drain Drainage District et al 13-245-NZ Ingham County Circuit Court

Lansing Township et al v Montgomery Drain Drainage Board 14-919-CZ, 14-906-AS, 14-851-CZ Ingham County Circuit Court

Buda v CATA et al 13-1262-NI Ingham County Circuit Court

Williamson v Kohls et al 16-cv-14468 US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan

Glaser-Carlsen v Ballyspartan Golf Club et al 15-11471-CK Clinton County Circuit Court

People v McCoy 17-9942-FH Clinton County Circuit Court

Jane NLF-1-4 Doe v Michigan State University 18-169-MZ Michigan Court of Claims

Jane NLF-1 Doe v USA Gymnastics et al 18-cv-842 US District Court for the Western District of Michigan

Jane NLF-2 Doe v USA Gymnastics et al 18-cv-851 US District Court for the Western District of Michigan

Jane NLF-3 Doe v USA Gymnastics et al 18-cv-1008 US District Court for the Western District of Michigan

Jane NLF-4 Doe v USA Gymnastics et al 18-cv-1019 US District Court for the Western District of Michigan

Orlando v State Auto Insurance Company 18-535-NF Ingham County Circuit Court


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What Clients Are Saying

Mathew is amazing. Mathew received justice for my son. He showed us so much care and compassion. He really listened to us and made us feel like we mattered. His representation allowed my son to receive the justice he deserved, he fought for him and we won. I will be forever grateful to Mathew and the Nichols Law Firm. If I ever need attorney representation, Mathew will be the first person I call.

Matt Heos = Success Through Teamwork

Matt Heos has had a breakout year. Million dollar Matt surpassed over 3 million dollars in recoveries for our clients before the 4th quarter of 2019 even got off the ground. How can one lawyer have so much success in helping injured people or victims of medical malpractice or abuse? We think that there are a few reasons, chief among them is the team of professionals at the Nichols Law Firm who are committed to results. It does not hurt that insurance companies KNOW that Matt Heos will go to trial for his clients and no one will be more prepared. Matt talks about the keys to his success here.

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Peer Recognition

Mike Nichols is a national leader in drunk driving defense. He is a member of the Forensic Committee and Michigan delegate to the National College for DUI Defense. He is also a Sustaining Member of the College. Nichols is also a founding member of the Michigan Association of OWI Attorneys; a member of the American Chemical Society; an associate member of he American Academy of Forensic Science, Adjunct Professor of Forensic Evidence in Criminal Law and OWI Law and Practice at Cooley Law School. He is also author of the West OWI Practice book and several chapters in other books on science and the law.

Mike Nichols is recognized by his peers in Michigan as a “SuperLawyer” in DUI/Criminal Defense. Nichols has also been asked to speak at conferences by groups such as the NCDD; Various Bar Associations in other states.