Charges Dismissed Against Cindy Gamrat

Charges Dismissed Against Former State Representative Cindy Gamrat

Her Lawyer, Mike Nichols Discusses the Hours of Work and Research

Mike Nichols and the Nichols Law Firm won the case for former State Representative Cindy Gamrat against the Attorney General. 54A District Court Judge Hugh B Clarke, II denied the Attorney General’s motion to send her case to trial after a 2 ½ day preliminary examination at 54A District Court in Lansing on June 14, 2016. Nichols praised Judge Clarke’s ruling, telling WILS AM 1320 host Dave Akerly: “we were lucky to have Judge Clarke because not only did he serve as a staff member for the legislature and as legal counsel to the State Senate, but he knew this stuff inside and out and paid attention to the testimony.” Nichols and the Nichols Law Firm team put in hundreds of hours to consume 883 pages of reports, emails, evidence and tapes of secret recordings, on top of more pages of police reports, hours of police interviews with the staffers and other witnesses and the law that applies. Nichols told reporters assembled after the hearing “the judge did what judges are supposed to do: apply the law to the facts.”

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Nichols says: “all that blood, sweat and tears and analysis of the common law misconduct in office charges paid off when I heard a longtime mentor of mine, Judge Hugh B. Clarke, II say ‘count I is dismissed.’ I felt strongly that count II was easy for him to dismiss because directing your agent to sign your name for you is just not a violation of the common law. Count I was a little more intricate because the way the AG tried to frame it – but the judge got it.”

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What Mike's Client is Saying

"Thank you for the Phenomenal Job!"

"The words "Thank You" simply don't even touch how much I appreciate all you have each done for me and my case."

"You all did an amazing job of working together and combing through the smoke and mirrors in presenting my case. Mike you have built a great team and led them well through this! I know I am not the easiest client to work with, and I want to thank you all for your kindness and sensitivity in handling me regardless of that."

"Thank you for having the courage to represent me and find a path forward in a very public and difficult case that others would never even consider touching. I pray that you are paid back 100 times over in your lives because of your willingness to do the right thing regardless of the potential political consequences."

"I am thankful that the record will attribute the victory and accolades to each of you in such a historic case for our state and potentially the nation, it is well earned and deserved!"

"Mike - Thank you for tremendous job overall. You handled the nuances of Judge Clarke and the strategy with thoughtful care and precision. You took the time to go through all the discovery and research and it showed in your finesse and adeptness in questioning the witnesses. You did an incredible job of knitting everything together in just the way that it took to win. And I don't know if you realized this but at some point along the way I let go and trusted you and your team, and that was maybe the steepest hill to overcome in all of this:) You really did a phenomenal job in and outside of the court room!

You are each part of my story and an important part of my life and I will never forget that!

God bless you!"

(Cindy Gamrat)

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