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Charges Dismissed Against Former State Representative Cindy Gamrat

Mike Nichols and the Nichols Law Firm won the case for former State Representative Cindy Gamrat against the Attorney General.

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Michael J. (Mike) Nichols is one of the leading trial attorneys in the State of Michigan. In 2022, Mike went 2-2 with acquittals in jury trials, one of which was a 2nd offense drunk driving charge with a decorated police officer, who made clear to the jury that he won multiple awards from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). The other acquittal was a horrific fatal accident involving a semi-truck that crossed 6 lanes of traffic into the oncoming lanes of travel on I-94. Mike “wrote the book” on drunk driving defense in Michigan, as author of the Thomson Reuters West “OWI Manual,” which is now in its 2nd decade of updates. He is also the co-chair of the task force on forensic science for the National College for DUI Defense and chairs the autonomous vehicles task force for the NCDD. Mike also co-authored a chapter update for the West Publication ‘‘Inside the Minds’’ with Dr. Andreas Stolz, PhD and Ted Vosk called ‘‘DUI Mathematics.’’ Mike and attorney Jeremy Brehmer, Esq. then collaborated with Dr. Stolz on measurement uncertainty, limits of detection and validation for the same publication. Mike has presented several times at national conferences for the National College for DUI Defense, the DUI Defense Lawyers of America, the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, the Cannabis Law Section for the State Bar of Michigan, the Criminal Law Section for the State Bar of Michigan and the Michigan Association of OWI Attorneys (MIAOWIA), which he helped found in 2011.

Mike Nichols is a retired adjunct professor at Thomas M. Cooley law school’s Lansing campus, focusing on DUI Law and Practice and Forensic Evidence in Criminal Law.

Mike Nichols is an active trial lawyer focusing on defending those accused of driving while impaired by marijuana, drugs or alcohol. His recent successful cases include defending a man charged with 2nd Degree Murder for his second fatal accident in which he was driving and alcohol was in his system along with marijuana and other drugs (People v Hawk Berning). He secured a not guilty verdict in 30 seconds in a case involving a .14 breath alcohol content in East Lansing, teaming with retired contractor Dale Haverdink. Mr. Haverdink was the 120 day service technician for National Patent Analytical Systems (NPAS), the original manufacturer of the Datmaster DMT breath test device and he now consults with the Nichols Law Firm, PLLC. Mike successfully defended State Representative Cindy Gamrat, who was exonerated when District Court Judge Hugh B. Clarke (ret) dismissed all charges against her filed by former Attorney General Bill Schuette (this was a non-DUI case that the NLF took on because, as Mike told the press “this was a political stunt by the Attorney General” (Schuette)).

He also focuses on complex forensic issues and other limited litigation matters. For example, in the fall of 2021, Mike and Wendy Schiller-Nichols settled a personal injury accident for a young client, who was hurt severely in an ATV accident in Roscommon County for $635,000.00. “It was super hard work to get this result without a trial but it was oh so rewarding,” he says. You will find the reviews from the family and client elsewhere on our webpage. In another example, Mike Nichols defended the driver-accused in what is believed to be the first ever black box vehicular homicide case and won a not guilty in People v Wood. He is a founding member of the Nichols Law Firm, PLLC in East Lansing. The firm was launched by Mike and Wendy Schiller-Nichols in 2006 while Mike was co-counsel that year on one of the most notorious murder trials in Michigan history, People v Holland.

Mike is an active member of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan (CDAM) since 2000, serving on the Rules and Laws (legislative committee). He was a CDAM Trial College Faculty member in 2010 and 2011. Mike helped launch the Michigan Association of OWI Attorneys (MIAOWIA) in 2012. He is also very active in the National College for DUI Defense as a member of the faculty and as a sustaining member. Mike is also a member of the Michigan Association of Justice (MAJ). Mike and Wendy live in East Lansing and are practicing Catholics and members of the St. Thomas Aquinas/St. John Student Center Parish. They have 2 kids (Lauren and Christian) in college and a 3rd daughter, Morgan, still at home. He is a proud graduate of Michigan State University and was thrilled to give Cassius Winston, one of the greatest Spartans of all-time, his first job: “my best lawyering was convincing him to go into something other than the law.”

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Mike Nichols is a national leader in drunk driving defense. He is a member of the Forensic Committee and Michigan delegate to the National College for DUI Defense. He is also a Sustaining Member of the College. Nichols is also a founding member of the Michigan Association of OWI Attorneys; a member of the American Chemical Society; an associate member of he American Academy of Forensic Science, Adjunct Professor of Forensic Evidence in Criminal Law and OWI Law and Practice at Cooley Law School. He is also author of the West OWI Practice book and several chapters in other books on science and the law.

Mike Nichols is recognized by his peers in Michigan as a “SuperLawyer” in DUI/Criminal Defense. Nichols has also been asked to speak at conferences by groups such as the NCDD; Various Bar Associations in other states.