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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Family Law Lawyer Colline Cheltenham: "Good News for Shared Parenting Community" from the Michigan Court of Appeals

By Michael Nichols
Categories: Family Law

The Michigan Court of Appeals issued an opinion that bodes well for advocates of shared parenting and father's rights in Michigan.

In a case from Calhoun County, the Court of Appeals held in an unpublished opinion that a mother's tactics to withhold parenting time in violation of court orders, was sufficient cause to revisit the established custodial environment and modify an existing custody order.

Colline Cheltenham is a Michigan divorce attorney, who has been active in seeking changes in Michigan Law to protect the relationships of fathers and their children. She calls the case "exciting news" for her friends in the Michigan Fathers' Rights Movement and Michigan Shared Custody organization. The case is "Norwood v Norwood," LC No 2012-003457-DM.

Ms. Cheltenham says "in this case, Mom had sole physical custody initially with the parties sharling legal custody equally. Grounded on the issue of parental alienation and a continued refusal to allow Dad his parenting time, the trial court awarded Dad sole legal custody and primary physical custody, and gave Mom reasonable parenting time. The Court of Appeals affirmed that decision, finding that the trial court did not abuse its discretion.

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